Beautiful And Colorful Porch Design 45
Beautiful And Colorful Porch Design 45

46 Beautiful and Colorful Porch Design

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Use these 3 easy autumn decorating ideas to add curb appeal and showcase autumn colors on our porch. No matter its size, any porch looks great when decorated for the season. In fact, these ideas can add the “wow” factor to your home and will last throughout the season.

This is a real easy way to add immediate color to any porch. Often times we do not use enough chrysanthemums to make an impression. This year, use multiple groupings along on and around your porch.

Take care to not present a tripping hazard, but if your porch staircase is sufficiently wide, use potted mums on each side of the steps. If your stairs won’t safely accommodate that arrangement you can place them at the top and bottom of the staircase.

Not only is placement important, choosing the right color or colors is as important as well. Many use one predominant color throughout their decorating scheme. There is nothing quite like seeing mass groupings of yellow or gold mums. Still others prefer to mix and match colors to create interesting arrangements as well.

  • Paint the Pots. First, remove the stickers from the pots. It really detracts from your plant arrangements to look down and see the bar codes on the pots. Second, consider painting them to complement or contrast with the colors of your mums.

Most pots are black which can appropriate. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to basic black. In fact, gold, yellow, and other autumn colors will enhance the look of your arrangements. Pots do not have to be all one color either. You can have fun creating your own unique design. Spray paints made just for this purpose are readily available.

  • Hang a Decorative Flag. Hanging a flag not only adds color and flair to your porch but it is also eye-catching to passers-by. They come in a variety of colors and scenes so selecting one to fit your style should be easy. You might also want to color coordinate the flag with your mums. Stretching your color scheme across your porch on various items will give it a together look.

These 3 easy autumn decorating ideas are quick to do and will add immediate curb appeal. They will last throughout the season and be delightful to all who pass by. It is a colorful season and one which you can use your porch as your palette as you celebrate this special time of year.


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