48 Stylish Nautical Bath Decoration To Rock Your Next Home

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When you think of decorating the home with nautical decor, there are very few rooms that better suit this theme than the bathroom. It seems an obvious choice of course, but so much can be done with a few simple things to turn a plain bathroom into a nautical delight. Here are a few ideas to help incorporate that theme easily.

  1. If you are totally redoing your bathroom, think about installing some small ledges about six to eight inches apart on the walls. The ledges should be wide enough to place some shells, rocks, and even some starfish on. Painting the wall and ledges sea foam green would allow the seashells and other decorative items to stand out. If you can’t do ledges on all the walls, pick a few places to install some instead.
  2. Think about doing a nostalgic cottage theme with nautical decorations. Use lots of white washed wood, either on the walls or the cabinets and the wall shelves. Buy a few simple small metal buckets, either already decorated in a sea theme or paint and decorate them yourself. Place the little pails on shelves and even keep things inside of them. Use shells, either real or ceramic, as soap dishes and hang a wooden beach sign on the wall. Simple, yet classic touches to keep with the nostalgic charm.
  3. If you can’t redo the bathroom, then bringing in some nautical touches can still transform your bath into a nautical pleasure. The easy way to start is with some towels. You can find some with anchors on them or lighthouses, maybe some seagulls or rocks also. These look lovely even if they are just for decoration and not for regular use.
  4. Choose the perfect shower curtain to match the theme. You may choose to have a shower curtain to match the towels or another design. You don’t need to get a printed one either. You can choose earthy colors and blues for the shower curtain with stripes even if you like. And, while you are choosing that, make sure you pick up a bath rug. These come in all sizes and styles, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for the look you are going for.
  5. You don’t want to forget the little touches that pull everything together. If you have room, use a treasure chest to store your towels in. If you can’t find one in wood, wicker would do the job. Place a miniature lighthouse or ship on a shelf with some small sea shells or rocks around it. If there is space on the wall, add a buoy or a nautical wheel or even fishing net with some shells and a starfish or two attached to it.


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