Cool Bed Kids Design Ideas 36
Cool Bed Kids Design Ideas 36

40 Cool Bed Kids Design Ideas

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Furniture retailers offer diverse inventories of bunk beds because every child and parent will have their own opinion about what is perfect. These beds are available in metal and wood frames, and they offer numerous design options. Before making their final choice, all parents must first determine exactly what is safest and the most functional for their children.

Choose a Mattress

Shoppers may become confused about the idea that bunk beds are available with something other than two twin mattresses. There are actually sets that come with two twin frames, two full beds, or a twin on top and a full bed on the bottom. If purchasing the set for a pair of children, it’s usually best to go with matching mattresses to prevent disagreements over who gets the larger bed. When the set is for one child, the mismatched beds or a dual full set offers something a young child can still use comfortably as they get bigger.

Measure the Height

The height of the ceiling determines how comfortable the top bunk is for growing children. If the ceiling of a bedroom is low, it may become difficult for the child to enter and exit without bumping their head. Also, be aware of the risk of injury from nearby ceiling fans. Adjustable beds make it possible to raise or lower the top loft in order to make the set more functional in many homes.

Remember the Future

All young children love bunk beds, and they want a set of their own. As they become teenagers, they often want something that looks a little more grown up. Rather than spending the money on an entirely new bedroom set, make certain the bed purchased when they are little can grow with them. Many designs make it possible to reconfigure the framing to transform the bunk bed into two individual beds. When assembled in this manner they are usually indistinguishable from any traditional bed.

Consider Their Age

The age of the child matters when buying furniture for their room. This is especially true when the mattress they will be sleeping on is several feet in the air. Consider their climbing abilities, as well as their tendency to walk in their sleep or roll off the bed. Nearly all bunk beds offer rail systems for protection, but very active children may need a higher rail to prevent accidents.

Some beds are designed to allow the owner to remove the legs so the bottom frame is placed directly on the floor. This lowers the bed dramatically and makes it safer for younger children while they are climbing in and out. It also makes it easier for toddlers to climb in and out of the bottom bunk.

Parents should always measure the area where they expect to place the beds to make certain they do not buy a set that is too large for the space they have available. By carefully selecting the right option, it is possible to find bunk beds that are functional for children through their childhood and often beyond.


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