Amazing Crystal Mineral Decor Ideas17
Amazing Crystal Mineral Decor Ideas17

36 Amazing Crystal Mineral Decor Ideas

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Decorating your home and office with stone, rock and mineral home accents is a great way to brighten up a room and bring a little nature indoors.

Rocks and minerals come in many different shapes, sizes and colors so you are certain to find the right piece for your home or office. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect stone, rock or mineral accessory.

  • Bookshelves and entertainment centers can be decorated with unique stone, rock and crystal bookends or lamps.
  • Simple bowls of rough or tumbled rocks and minerals can add a bit of charm to any table from a side table to a unique centerpiece.
  • Use a mineral sample, such as a large quartz or amethyst crystal, as a funky paperweight.
  • Hang agate wind chimes both indoors and outdoors for a splash of color and a bit of calming music.
  • Create a dramatic tablescape for your next dinner party with a bold line of mineral tealight candleholders.
  • Incorporate rocks and minerals into your feng shui design. Properly placed crystals will help to bring harmony to your home.
  • Cluster several rock and mineral spheres on your desk for some fun decoration and a great conversation starter. Because every rock and mineral sample is slightly different, each sphere is unique.
  • Mix the colors and textures of the rock types in to add excitement to the room.
  • Decorate mirrors and doorways with mineral crystals. Use fishing line to secure the crystals.
  • Use crystal key chains to dress up a boring zipper pull on a purse or backpack.

Rocks and minerals can brighten up a many aspects of your life from home to office to personal accessories. Be creative. Show everyone how you love nature through the gorgeous stone, rock and mineral home accents and accessories you choose.



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