Inspiring Hacks Tips Garage Storage Organizations31
Inspiring Hacks Tips Garage Storage Organizations31

41 Inspiring Hacks Tips Garage Storage Organizations

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Your garage may have become a catch all for possessions that won’t fit anywhere else. Many items you my use often and some not at all. Which items fit into which category is the first task in deciding, How to Organize Your Garage Storage.

One of the main problems that people face when trying to organize their garage is trying to figure out what items do they need to keep there and are the items easy to locate when they need to use them.

Sorting by Usage Categories

To utilize your garage storage, it is best to first separate your items into different categories. Place items you use the most in an easily accessible location in your garage. This may include things such as garden tools, hand tools, power tools, bikes or whatever you use most need to be in an area of your garage that is convenient to get to.

Sort each by similarity. Tools for fixing things go in one spot, sporting goods or recreational items go in another, and so on. Sorting into categories of frequently used items will make things easier when you need a particular piece.

The second category will be the ones you use less often. These may be for the holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other decorations you may have. These items can be places in containers and stacked on top of each other for maximum storage.

Label each container so you know the contents it stores. Utilize garage shelving for sorting and arranging the containers. Lower shelving holds what you will need the most often then the higher shelves hold the articles used less often.

You can use a roll around tool chest for storing your hand tools and wrenches. A work bench with storage underneath can make a garage store spot for circular saws, drills and other power tools.

If your garage has an attic access you can store light weight items such as Christmas trees, clothing or other items you may not need right now but want to keep. All of these storage ideas keep you garage organized and the garage space utilized.

One other idea is to give away or throw away items you haven’t used for a long time.

A lot of storage problems come from having too many things we never use but keep laying around. You may even want to have a garage sale and make a little side money from the things you no longer use or need.

Think of it this way, if you haven’t used the item in years, you probably don’t need it any longer. Someone else may have use for it though, why not cash in on that idea.


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