Reading Room Decor Inspiration To Make You Cozy40
Reading Room Decor Inspiration To Make You Cozy40

41 Reading Room Decor Inspiration To Make You Cozy

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For those of us who enjoy e-books, but still love the look and feel of curling up with a good book, Reading Rooms are emerging in both new builds and existing homes.

Although many homes are currently including media rooms, home builders are beginning to offer libraries in homes priced at $350,000 and higher.

You can easily convert a space in your existing home to convert into a Reading Room to suit your own family’s needs and purposes.

How Will You Use The Room?

  • Do you wish to create a temperature controlled space to protect your cherished book collection?
  • Are you seeking to provide a study and reference room for your students?

To Protect Your Collection, Follow These Tips:

  1. Avoid exposing books to sunlight which is so damaging to them. Cover widows with your desired choice of fabrics or shades.
  2. Use your bookseller’s recommendation for preparations to eliminate destruction by pests such as voracious silverfish, ants, roaches and rodents.
  3. Keep the collection and the entire space free of dust.
  4. Install a humidifier to ensure against the deleterious effects of mold.

To Provide a Reference and Study Center, Consider These Tips:

  1. Place bookshelves in the center of the room instead of along walls. This way you can create cubicle type areas for your students.
  2. Review your choices of chairs and tables that will best fit your requirements.

No matter how you plan to use your Reading Room, you do not need to spend a ton of money. Visit vintage shops or Goodwill Stores or Craigslist. You are sure to find many inexpensive options to create the Reading Room you are envisioning.

Pieces to look for are lamps, chairs and tables, bookshelves, floor coverings and window treatments. You may choose to design a traditional library or incorporate painted wood or metal furnishings for a more contemporary look and feel.

Enlist the suggestions of your family members. When they are vested in the creation of your Reading Room, they will use and enjoy it most.

Consider if and how you might best catalogue your books. You may elect to use online software to inventory your library. This is a good idea if you plan to insure it. You may prefer to organize your library with the Dewey Decimal System used by public libraries. Still, consider alphabetizing books by author or title. This may be a good idea for younger children.

However you design your perfect Home Reading Room, know that you have chosen a pleasing and functional space for your family.


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