Unique And Modern Design Ideas For Living Room37
Unique And Modern Design Ideas For Living Room37

41 Unique And Modern Design Ideas For Living Room

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Your living room tops the list of the designing spaces in your home. It is the living room, space which sets the tone for the entire style of decoration.

Design 1: Balancing the red and white

If you like fiery red on your walls, then popping them up with white can be a good balance to the red. The fireplace being white, the white coffee table and the white chair rails keeps the bold color in check.

Design 2: Playing patterns

Mixing patterns comes with the objects in the room. Pick a color theme and then use the objects in the room to a different pattern to set the theme to the room.

Design 3: Light and Airy

The crampy feeling can easily be avoided if you actually know how to keep furnishings from weighing the space down. Dining chairs, coffee table, a window wall will give the room an easy breezy feel.

Design 4: White on white

An all white space can never look wrong. But make sure you incorporate certain textures to keep it from getting a hospital like feel. A rough-hewn linen sofa, a crocheted throw, and a nubby rug adds in variation to the monochromatic look of a completely white room.

Design 5: Reading Nook

Your living can be all brightened up just with a few arrangements to reading time. Get a chair and get cozy. Just be sure to have enough light for the purpose, so it doesn’t look fake. Have lighting arrangements for late nights too.

Design 6: Updated Prep

Get a living room filled, with silhouettes that can also function as a standby, A Sofa and bamboo side chairs. Ocean blue and lime green will be the ideal colors to get the tradition going.

Design 7: Change the game

The coffee table has to be extra large in case you want a modern take on the traditional coffee table. The extended edge will keep them from sliding off.

Design 8: Trend touching

Add a few necessary accessories to your living room every season. Pops of color and pattern can easily change the look and feel of a room in its entirety.

Design 9: Accents of silver

A mirrors framed in silver, silvery coffee leg tables, fireplace andirons in silver will bring up a different aura about the room altogether.

Design 10: write something up

No do not literally scribble on the wall. Instead put something up, that adds to the funky feel of the room. It can be quotes, songs or even a line that you like.


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