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4 tips in picking the best rain shower head | trend4homy

In everything, we do we always want the best including our purchases.

If you are one of those persons who wish to buy a rain shower head, here are four important tips for picking the best shower head available in the market today.

  1. Rain shower heads that fit your bathroom—While most rain head showers are mounted on the ceiling some models are wall-mounted. To ensure that you are picking the perfect rain head shower always check your bathroom to determine what type fits a ceiling or wall-mounted rain head shower.

  1. What do you prefer coverage or pressure— Before buying a rain head shower make sure you know what you prefer most when you bathe a coverage or the area the Showerhead covers with its spray or the pressure which refers to how strong the flow feels on your skin. In most cases, a rain head shower offers better pressure than coverage but the good news is the coverage it offers is also not that hard to harm your skin.

  1. It is size 8 or 12?— Most rain shower heads have a diameter of eight to 12 inches. Before deciding to buy a rain shower head decide first on the size of your rain shower head. Always remember that most size eight rain shower heads can be mounted on the wall or ceiling while most the size 12 are usually mounted on the ceiling. However, if you decide to buy a size 12 and wish to mount it on the wall you can still do it by using an overhead shower arm.

  1. Rain shower head material matters–-If you want your rain shower to last long make sure to buy rain shower heads made from high-quality metal components. Avoid buying rain shower heads made up of plastic since they are prone to leaks and are a good container for bacteria.

As they always say if you want the best in life you must pay for it and be discreet in buying things.

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