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How to Size a Steam Shower Generator | trend4homy

Sizing your own steam shower generator purchase can be a tricky and interesting task. Before buying your own steam shower generator make sure it is a perfect fit for your bathroom to avoid stress and headaches.

To help you select the right size of the steam generator to buy here are important reminders you can follow.

Before you decide to buy your own steam shower generator make sure to consider the materials and dimensions of the steam shower generator.

Cubic inches vs Cubic Feet

Each steam shower generator manufacturer will have a slightly different formula for sizing the steam generator. You want to pay attention to a few different factors, and one important one is if the vendor is talking about cubic inches or cubic feet. We have seen homeowners drastically over or under size the steam shower generator by using the wrong dimension increments. Most steam showers are sized in cubic feet, but again just pay attention to the manufacturer requirements. 

So for example. If you have a fairly standard size shower of 3 feet deep x 4 feet wide x 7 feet tall this is how we would size it. For most steam shower manufacturers you would multiply 3 x 4 x 7 and get 84. That is 84 cubic feet. 

Now you have to check does the manufacturer just tell you to use the 84 cubic feet for your sizing guide OR, do you have to factor in wall materials, climate, insulation or more. 

Superior Steam Shower generators for example have a simple system where they have you find your cubic footage then multiply by 2. That is your nominal cubic footage. So This 84 cubic footage shower space, when you multiply it by 2 we are at a nominal 168 cubic feet. So a 6kw unit is the correct unit. 

Kohler steam generators also have a simple system. They just use your straight cubic footage and size the steam generator accordingly. So in Kohler’s case there is a 5kw steam shower generator and it maxes out at 84 cubic feet. So you are right on the upper size limit. 

Elite steam shower generators use a slightly more complicated process. You have to figure the cubic footage of your shower space first. But then based on material type, number of exterior walls, and ceiling heights you have to add multiples to get to a nominal cubic footage that the shower is sized by. Here is their sizing guide. 

Check out our reviews and comparisons of both superior steam generator packages, kohler steam showers, and more here. 

Steam shower generator materials matter!

You might ask why do I need to consider the material of the steam generator that I will be buying? The answer is simple: the type of building materials used to construct your steam shower can have a profound effect on its performance and, ultimately, your satisfaction. 

Based on studies, it was discovered that as the hot steam enters a steam shower, it reacts with a room’s walls, ceiling, and ambient temperature, resulting in a thick, foggy, rejuvenating steam. Researchers explained that like a sponge room materials can absorb steam, and if the steam shower generator is too small, it will yield only cool mist, rather than relaxing heat.

The researchers said it is for this reason that important elements like building materials, lofty ceiling heights (over 96″), and personal preferences must be considered along with steam shower volume (width x length x height) when selecting a properly sized steam generator. It is also worth remembering that if your steam enclosure is constructed from a non-porous material, such as acrylic, fiberglass, or some other formed plastic, you likely will require a smaller generator than suggested by standard sizing guidelines, which are typically based on ceramic tile. Furthermore, we must also bear in mind that the use of porous materials, such as natural stone, marble, concrete, and glass block can dramatically increase the size of the generator required.

These tips also matter!

Aside from materials and dimensions make sure also that the bathroom will be able to handle the excess moisture created from the steam shower through fans that vent to the outdoors. It is best that you install the steam shower generator within 20 to 25 feet of the steam shower enclosure.

With the help of your contractor, you can also size your generator accordingly for the steam shower room enclosure.


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