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How to transform your shower into a steam shower | trend4homy

The global onslaught of COVID-19 causes the unprecedented soaring sales of steam shower generators around the world.

More people are buying steam shower generators because they believe it is a good deterrent against the deadly pandemic.

If you wish to buy your own steam shower now here are some important tips that you can use in order to transform your regular shower room into a steam shower room.

Choose a perfect location for your steam shower generator

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of your steam shower generator make sure to place them in a perfect location inside your house.

Make sure the location you choose for your steam shower generator will make it easy to install the steam and control panel.

In addition, make sure also that your steam unit will be properly equipped with a dedicated water line and electrical wiring.

Let the experts do their thing

To ensure that the plumbing tasks and electrical wiring in your steam shower room are installed properly it is wise that you hire experts to do this kind of job.

Allowing the experts to manage your steam shower room construction will not only ensure quality but safety as well.

To avoid hassles make sure also that all building codes are met as required by the local building authority. 

Buy your steam shower accessories from a trusted store

To avoid being shortchanged in your steam shower purchase make sure to buy this item along with the Steam shower essentials and accessories from a trusted store.

One of the trusted stores in steam shower generators and steam shower accessories is our store.

As you do your shopping for these items be creative so that you can have an unforgettable shower experience.

Start installation process asap

After buying your own steam shower start the installation process by following the instructions provided in the buyer’s guide manual.

Also, make sure that before you start the installation process all the plumbing connections and electrical wires are already in place as recommended by the experts.

If you buy a wall-mounted model fix the steam nozzle below the showerhead.

After fixing the steam nozzle use the L connector to gain access to the water piping line, then begin the installation of the control panel and the breaker.

Proper door matter

To avoid any regulatory problems in the future, make sure the door of the steam shower is in adherence to the code requirements and consider fixing a new one if required.

Also, make sure to seal up all places that have been cut during the installation process as the cracks can allow the water to get into the walls.