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Important things to consider before buying a rain shower head | trend4homy

One of the best-selling bathroom items today aside from a steam shower generator  is the ceiling-mounted rain shower head. A lot of people are buying this item because it offers rain like shower in your bathroom.

But before you place this bathroom item on your shopping list, here are some important things you need to consider.

  1. Bathroom space is very important

Before buying a rain shower head make sure you have enough space in your bathroom to install it. Unlike a standard shower head, a rain shower head has a larger diameter which means it needs more bathroom space.

If you wish to install a shower head above a freestanding bath, it is best that you use a design that keeps the water from being sprayed throughout the bathroom. Experts said if you take this option it is best that you use a smaller rain shower head instead of a larger one.

  1. The placement of your rain shower head matters

To fully enjoy the benefits of your rain shower head make sure you place it on the perfect side of your bathroom.

Always bear in mind that a rain shower head tends to be ceiling mounted and the direction of spray can cover a large area. With this scenario, a person who stands in the shower will be directly under the flow of water, the whole time they shower. Experts said it is also best that you install a hand shower to fully enjoy the benefits of a rain shower head. If you want more comfort and better bathroom design you can also buy a steam shower generator aside from this item.

  1. Rain shower heads cost higher than regular shower heads

Unlike standard shower heads, rain head showers are more expensive in the market today. Based on market studies, a typical rain head shower would cost $500.

With its expensive price tag, it is best that you think thoroughly before you decide to buy your own shower rain head.

Remember aside from the purchase you also need to set aside money for the installation of your shower rain head.

  1. Match your rain shower head with your bathroom shape

For better efficiency and beauty it is best that you match your rain shower head with the existing shape of your bathroom for a better bathroom design.

If your bathroom design has angular fittings, choose a square or rectangle rain-head and vice versa for circular shapes.

It is also important to note that the rain head shower is usually matte black or chrome. 

  1. Water pressure is less for  rain shower heads than a standard shower head

Despite being more expensive studies have shown that rain shower heads offer less water pressure than a standard shower head.

While it offers less water pressure it is better than a standard shower head because it offers more water flows over the body as it has a wider area of flow.

Also if you pick the right rain shower head some models have jets that can direct the flow.

To buy the best rain shower head it is best that you talk to your supplier to ensure you get the flow you want and achieve a better bathroom design.  

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