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Important tips in choosing a Tile for a Steam Shower | trend4homy

Choosing the right tile to use for your steam shower generator is a crucial decision that you need to make in your steam room. In picking the tile make sure it can withstand the water and vapor from your steam shower generator. To help you pick the right tile for your steam shower here are some important tips that you can follow.

Small tiles are popular and useful—Most steam shower owners around the world are using small tiles in their steam shower room. There is no definitive explanation why small tiles are popular for steam showers but studies have shown that small tiles are best for expansion and contraction.

The lighter tile color is best for lighting—If you decide to put some lighting in your steam shower generator it is best that you pick a tile that has lighter color.Studies have shown that lighter-colored tiles will cast and reflect more light. Using a lighter-colored tile will also offer amazing and relaxing results to the users.

An oversized bench is best for intimacy—Placing an oversize bench in your steam shower room is best for couples.Having an oversized bench will allow you to relax and sit down better. A solid stone or composite stone is ideal for oversized benches inside your steam shower room.

Large-format porcelain tile is best for the foot—Studies have shown that large-format porcelain tile offers superb traction underfoot.In looking for a tile make sure it has a good slip resistance rating (A or B is best). Industry experts said a tile with traction is harder to clean, so the darker tile will look cleaner for longer.

Smaller tile is best for curved ceilings—If your steam shower room has a curved ceiling it is best to use a small tile. Industry experts said that shower floors need to be pre-sloped before waterproofing to ensure that any moisture that gets under the tile can drain.

Porcelain tile offers style and beauty—If you want your shower room to look stylish and beautiful it is best to use a porcelain tile.Aside from style and beauty, studies have shown that porcelain tile is also stronger than natural stone.If you decide to use porcelain it is best to select a white color because it can stretch your budget and allow you to afford nicer shower fixtures or another feature.

Don’t use clear glass tiles—Avoid using clear glass tiles in building your steam shower since it might look fogged up if water gets trapped behind them. Instead of a clear glass tile use a small glass tile in a solid color instead.