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These essential oils are perfect for your steam shower generator | trend4homy

To further intensity the health benefits of a steam shower generator you need to combine it with essential oils and aromatherapy.

Since steam bath was discovered centuries back, essential oils and aromatherapy have also been used to further emphasize the benefits of a steam bath. To help you pick the right essential oils for your steam shower generator here some of the essential oils that experts have recommended for steam shower owners.

Tea tree—Among the essential oils available today, you should make tea tree as your first priority. Based on medical studies, this is the best essential oil for fighting infections due to its immune system boosting properties. Also, this essential oil is perfect for those persons who are suffering from the flu.

Rosehip—This essential oil should also be on your list since they are an anti-aging essential oil that really zeroes in on treating the skin. Medical studies have shown that this type of essential oil can hydrate, moisturize and help exfoliate the skin. Rosehip also helps reduce skin inflammation and offers protection against sun damage.

Citrus–This essential oil is very beneficial since it can get you energized. This essential oil has antidepressant properties that will wash away all of your stress. Having this type of essential oil will certainly keep you awake and feeling good all-day-long.

Thyme–The smell of this essential oil might not be pleasing but this oil is very effective in repelling all kinds of insects. Based on medical studies, this type of essential oil is perfect in treating yeast infections and some skin conditions as well as respiratory infections and coughs due to its antimicrobial properties.

Rosemary–-Using this type of essential in your steam shower might not be too popular but it is very very effective in offering memory boosts and mental clarity, soothing headaches, alleviating muscle pain and cramps if used topically, fighting depression, healing skin issues, and assisting with digestion.