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Would You Like to Contribute to Trend 4 Homy

Guest posts really help our readers. Learning new recipes, how to’s with home design,
tips and tricks, and many more topics. We love to partner with quality writers and
bloggers! This creates a great balance of content for our readers when mixed in with our
own original content and posting schedule.
Well-written posts related to Home Decor, Interior Design, Home Improvement, Outdoor
Decor, Bedroom Decor, Kitchen Design and Gardening are welcome.
We only will accept high quality, well written or researched posts. Submitting a guest
post does not guarantee publication, and guest posts are subject to editorial comments
and changes.
If your interested in premium posting options, contact us at ________________ and we
will forward you all relevant information.

Trend 4 Homy Blog Submission Guidelines

Length: Your Posts must be 700 words.
○ Do submit posts in .doc, HTML format.
● All original content: Posts must be Well-written, high-quality, original content. (i.e.
not published anywhere else online).
● Formatting: A H2 subheading following the H1 main heading of the article,
Frequently use subheadings H3 and H4 as well as lists or bullet points to
improve readability.
● Images: Try to include at least 1-2 images.
○ All Images must be in JPG, JPEG and PNG format.
○ Images should be minimum 1000 pixels in width.
○ Ensure that images used in your submission have their copyright sorted
out or are free to use.
○ DO use images from free stock sites.
● Links: for the free guest posting Only 1 no-follow link allowed within the article,
(contact us to have do-follow url).

We reserve the right to add and edit the content of guest articles, We will let you know if
anything needs to be changed or edited in the article.
If you would like to submit a guest post or submit a topic idea, about one of the above
topics and agree to the guest post submission guidelines, attach your document for
approval through email at info@trend4homy.com, with GUEST POST SUBMISSION in
the subject line.

Do Proper Research for Submit Guest Post Blog

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